Xbox’s November update out today with improved Discord support and more

Xbox’s November update is rolling out today, making a number of previously Insider-only features – including improved Discord support – available to all users.

Discord server voice chat support for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S initially launched in September, but was somewhat hampered by its convoluted mobile app requirements.

Today’s Xbox update streamlines the whole process, meaning users simply need to launch a Discord server via their console’s Parties & chats > Discord option then pick a voice channel from their available Discord servers – and as long their Discord and Xbox accounts are linked, they’ll be able to join that channel directly, no additional mobile app faff required.

Additionally, Xbox Series X/S users can take advantage of noise suppression while using Discord Voice chat, blocking out background noise as they speak. The setting can be turned off in the Discord call’s Options settings, however, for those that prefer unfiltered audio.

Today’s update also brings refinements to Xbox’s Twitch, Lightstream, and Streamlabs Studio support, with users now able to start a live stream directly from their console. The option to do so is found under ‘Destination’ in the Capture & share > Live streaming > More options menu.

Elsewhere, there’s a new Captures app, providing a convenient destination for viewing, managing, and editing game captures – which now feature an increased bitrate at 720p and 1080p for better playback. Found under the Capture & share tab, it also enables users to copy clips and screenshots to an external drive.

And there’s more! The Xbox version of the Microsoft Store now offers sale notifications and enables users to share their wishlist so friends and family can gift them items.

Microsoft has also implemented enhanced power functionality in today’s update, adding, among other things, the option to turn a console off after a set period of inactivity. Additionally, there’s now an at-a-glance breakdown of the power used in Shutdown and Sleep modes, so users can make more informed decisions about which they use.

Rounding out November’s feature list are controller rumble support for Xbox Cloud Gaming on PC and Mac, an ‘Ask to join’ game option available directly from someone’s profile, new Recommendations guides, and a redesign for Xbox Assist, now renamed Xbox Support.

Additional details on November’s update can be found in Microsoft’s announcement post.