Man drives scooter over pigeon and finishes it off with walking stick outside vegan shop

An elderly man rode his scooter over pigeon and returned to finish it off with walking stick in front of vegan shop

Wildlife group called ‘Peck Savers’ are trying to trace the culprit who appeared to deliberately run over the bird while riding a mobility vehicle.

The group released footage of the incident in which an elderly, grey-bearded man drives along a footpath when the wheel of his scooter flattens the unsuspecting bird.

Feathers appear behind his back wheel as he turns around to look at remnants of the bird.

Other footage, which was not shared, shows that the bird miraculously survives the first assault but was finished off when the unnamed man got out of his scooter and crushed it with a walking stick.

The incident happened on Monday outside a self-proclaimed “pigeon-positive” vegan shop in Norwich, Norfolk and has been reported to the police.

Since the clip was shared on the “Peck Savers” Facebook group residents have been trying to hunt down the man who hurt the innocent bird.

Footage of the incident was taken at 10.34am by the shop’s camera in Norwich.

The shop Tofurei ironically displays a pigeon mural on the shop front.

Jenny Coupland, owner of the shop, who also runs the Facebook page ‘Peck Savers’, described as a “pro-active pigeon page”.

She has since reported the incident to the police.

The post reads: “Deliberate or not? Please share! We are trying to find out who this man is to help the Police with their enquiries.

“He seemed to swerve to hit a pigeon who was resting on the pavement… So if anyone knows who he is, or if you witnessed this, please let us know so we can forward the info.

“Or indeed, if the man is innocent and has an explanation for his behaviour, that too can also be sorted out with the Police.”

Norfolk Constabulary said: “Police have received a report following an allegation from the member of the public that a motorised scooter has deliberately hit a pigeon.

“Enquiries are currently ongoing.